"Transfert des eaux du Bassin du Congo vers le Lac Tchad", notre orientation pour le Gouvernement

Est-ce que le Gouvernement Congolais peut participer au transfèrement des eaux du Congo pour revitaliser le Lac Tchad ? Que disent les Scientifiques? Si OUI, y a-t-il des conséquences ? Si NON, pourquoi ?


Raphael Tshimanga Muamba, PhD

Director of the Centre

The strategic challenge for the future is therefore to ensure adequate quantity and quality of water to meet the growing needs among competitive agricultural, commercial, domestic, environmental and industrial uses.[Read more]


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Climat - Water - Migration - Conflict

Addressing climate and water driven migration and conflict interlinkages to build Community Resilience in the Congo Basin.


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The Royal Society – DFID Capacity Building Facility is currently funding a research and capacity building initiative for the Congo River Basin, namely: “Congo River user Hydraulics and Morphology – CRuHM””


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Regional network open to individuals, institutions and organizations interested in the development and implementation of capacity building activities in the countries of the Congo Basin.


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Congo River 2020

International Conference on the 
Congo River: Users, Hydrodynamics and Geomorphology

Scheduled to take place in Kinshasa, July 28-31, 2020

 Postponed to 2021